Andere jongeren helpen en inspireren met een mooi verhaal? Mensen laten weten wat jij hebt meegemaakt? Protesteren tegen de overheid? Beyond Borders biedt AMA’s en ex-AMA’s een platform om hun verhaal te vertellen. Alles mag! Stuur je verhaal naar Wij publiceren jouw verhaal (anoniem!) op deze website.

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Tram stop

On the chilly evening at Den Haag crowded tram stop you are surrounded by big tall mega structures. You are just a tiny little creature standing alone beside a naked tree among the materially equipped and operated cold hearted people living on the master piece of wonder which we call the Earth, our home till the time we keep our breath going. Your mind is full of inspirations and endless imaginations and sees the beauty in every element in sight.

The crushed cylindrical can with blue and silver partitions at the corner of the street and making an empty noise as the wind changes its velocity and strikes it enough to push it away from it's position. The green and blue projected moving lights dancing inside the glass covered building where lights were grooving warm. Down on the street outside the building stands the antique invention of the one wise person and his imagination as result of his hard work which today we call bicycle. The same people making their way in and out from the main entrance of the building changing their colors as the light shines over them coming out of the glass. The busy classic fast food money making business luring the people on the opposite side of the building. Red, blue, white, and yellow neon advertisement boards glowing with balanced contrast on your eyes.

But other people just don't notice it, the music and the scene displayed on the sky, blue and red clouds blended together at the horizon from the narrow view through the infrastructures of materials, the drowning sun’s last glimpse of light like making art on the big canvas with soft brush strokes was perfect. Did any one notice this living art which lives every single moment with different variations?

Dit is een verhaal van een ex-AMA die onlangs in een lastige situatie terecht is gekomen. Hij wil laten zien dat je - ondanks alle moeilijkheden - veel schoonheid en kracht kan halen uit kleine dingen.

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